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Behind The Design - KIC Edition

Okay, so it's no secret that I have worked with KIC Dance for a while now, but I wanted show you a deeper dive #BehindTheDesign of the flyers we collaborated on.

Incase you don't know, KIC Dance Company is a dance school based in Midlothian. They are probably too humble to admit it, but they are truly a pillar in the communities they operate from. Their door is always open to everyone. So when they asked me to help them redesign their flyers, I knew diversity was something I wanted to incorporate somehow.

Before / After

KIC have a large number of classes on offer, 12 and counting, so to keep things clean and recognisable, I created a layout that would suit all of their classes. You might be thinking, but how does this celebrate diversity if all the flyers are the same? Simply, though colour. I allocated a different colour to each class which will also be implemented on their website, to help people both distinguish between classes and see how diverse KIC Dance is.

I can't wait to see these colours trickle down into other collateral for these classes.

More coming soon...

H x

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