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Unused but Loved - Archive

Here are some of the designs I have created for clients that never made it into the light. I always offer a range of designs to clients so naturally not all make the final cut, these however, are some of my favourites.

Dundee University Boat Club

Dundee University Boat Club asked me to help tidy up their current logo to make it look more slick. Of course, I sent a few options like that but I also threw them this curveball.

This was totally different to the one they already had and as they are already investing in changing their logo it would be silly of me not to suggest a whole new face, especially when they are celebrating their 30th birthday this year. It certainly got them thinking and although they really liked it, they eventually settled with another design.

Glasgow University Law Society

This design was created for Glasgow University's Law Society. They were looking for a typographic based, clean and simple logo that was an improvement the one they had at the time. I based this on their previous logo, drawing from their bordered text but adding a cleaner and more stylish approach. GULS ended up falling for another design that showcased one of the University's most iconic buildings.

Queer Up!

This charity, asked me to help them create their first ever logo. Queer Up! were very open to ideas and did not have a specific style in mind so I create a range of ideas for them to find out what they felt suited their cause best. This design was created with pride and support in mind. The design is simple, with bright fun colours, while at the same time feeling calm and reassuring. Ultimately, they went with a design that packed a much brighter and bolder punch.

If you are inspired by any of these logos and want one for your own brand, get in touch and let's collaborate.

H x

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