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Size Matters

Size Matters... on social posts anyway. Trying to shoehorn the same sized post across multiple platforms just doesn't work. Like below for example, here's a flyer designed for print. See what happens when I try to use this on Instagram stories vs creating a new layout...

Editing the content so that it suits the use is key to making something look more polished. So with this in mind, here's all the sizes you need to know for social media:


Profile Image - 180 x 180 px

Post Thumbnail - 1200 x 630 px

Header Image - 820 × 312 px


Profile Image - 400 x 400 px

Post Thumbnail - 1,024 × 512 px

Header Image - 1,500 × 500 px


Profile Image - 110 × 110 px

Post Thumbnail - 1,080 × 1,080 px

Story Image - 1,080 × 1,920 px


Profile Image - 800 × 800 px

Thumbnail - 1,280 × 720 px

Header Image - 2,560 × 1,440 px

And even with all this said, remember with header images these will vary from desktop>tablet>phone so always consider your safe space. The areas (in red) on this Facebook header are not fully visible depending on what device you use.

Great, but how do I create something with these sizes?

Well, you can either check out or if have an important post you want to create for multiple platforms, you can hire someone like me to create that for you.

Canva is a really easy tool where you can enter these sizes to create and resize your posts but it's time heavy and it won't supply you with the knowledge or the ability to problem solve that a graphic designer brings to the table.

Feel free to drop me a message if you can any questions about this.

More to come,

H x

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